Medical College - Sofia

3 Jordanka Filaretova str., Sofia
Deputy Director: Prof. Zaharina Savova, MD
Tel. +359 2 915 46 46
Fax. +359 2 852 40 40
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The Medical College “J.Filaretova” is the oldest and largest medical institution for educating medical specialists in the field of health care.
The specialties are as follows:

  • Medical laboratory technician
  • X-ray laboratory technician
  • Dental technician
  • Rehabilitation therapists
  • Assistant-pharmacist
  • Public health inspector
  • Medical aesthetician (Medical cosmetics)
  • Masseurs (only for candidates with impaired vision)
  • Medico-social care+

Specialty “Medical Laboratory Assistant”
Duration of education: three years
The Medical Laboratory Assistant is the principal performer in clinical, microbiological, histological, parasitological and other laboratories. He or she participates in diagnostic, curative, prophylactic and scientific activities in hospital and scientific institutions.

Specialty “X-Ray Technician”
Duration of education: three years.
The graduates can work at:

  • X-ray wards, hospitals, scientific institutions, sanatoria etc
  • Radiation therapy departments
  • Nuclear medical labs
  • Specialized labs

Specialty “Dental technician”
Duration of education: three years
The dental technician is a qualified specialist who plans, develops and creates   different kinds of tooth prosthetic constructions, face and jaw prosthetics, orthodontic apparatuses and etc.

Specialty “Physical therapist”
Duration of education: three years
The Physical therapist works under prescription of a doctor of Physical and rehabilitation medicine. He or she provides the rehabilitation program for each patient.

Specialty “Assistant Pharmacist”
Duration of education: three years
The Assistant Pharmacist assists the Master pharmacists and takes an active part in the medicine supply and prescription of medicaments.

Specialty “Public health inspector”
Duration of education: three years
The public health inspector controls the factor of work, education, living and surrounding environments in order to determine their effect on the health of the population.

Specialty “Medical Aesthetician /Medical cosmetics/
Duration of education: three years.
The graduates can work in Cosmetic studios, beauty centres, SPA-centres, fitness clubs, Dermatology consulting rooms, Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine, Make up in theatre, cinema, and television.

Specialty “Massage therapist” with visual impairments
Duration of education
Massage therapist works under prescription of a doctor of physical and rehabilitation medicine and takes part in a team with a physician, physical therapist, nurse, social worker, pedagogue, psychologist, occupational therapist

Specialty “Medic-social care”
Duration of education: 3 years
The graduates can work in Directorates “Social assistance”. Social service institutions, Diagnostic and consultative centers, hospital for active treatment and dispensaries, Consulting room for medical and social assistance, Home for children and adolescents etc.