Documents and deadlines

The enrolment of the new students takes place personally in the dean’s offices of the respective faculties: Faculty of Medicine – 2 Zdrave Street, Maichin Dom /Mother’s home/ hospital, floor 2, room 202, tel.: 952 05 22;
Faculty of Dental Medicine (Faculty of Stomatology) – 1, Georgi Sofiyski Str., floor 2, Student’s office, tel.: 954 29 09
Faculty of Pharmacy – 2 Dunav Str., floor 2, Student’s office, tel.: 9236 579


1. Secondary education diploma – original
2. Identity card
3. Official Certificate of health
4. The applicants for the Medical college-Sofia subject of X-ray laboratory assistant must submit a Medical Certificate by the Radiobiology and Radio Protection National Centre only.
5. Enrollment documents are  as follows:
- Forms – 2 copies
- Student’s record book  model for the Medical University-Sofia  only
- Identity card
- Certificates /if they are necessary for the student only/
6. Pictures – size 4/6 cm – four pieces
7. Declaration on a form for every faculty /college/ in accordance with the Academic Council decision of 26 February 2003: “The students admitted provide themselves with all necessary workbooks and consumables for their education in the respective faculty/college/”.
8. Tuition fee receipt