Central Medical Library


Web site: http://www.medun.acad.bg/

The Central University Medical Library was founded at the Faculty of Medicine in 1919 and is one of the oldest and richest libraries for medical literature in Bulgaria. The library’s structure includes: library-information complex, Scientific Medical Information Department, Educational and Scientific Documentation and Films Department.
The Central Medical Library posses 500 422 volumes of medical literature, 900 volumes of new books, including those bought after deposits and donations. 445 periodicals are delivered also.
The library has a reading room with 35 seats, a student reading room with 40 seats, a computer hall with 20 seats, computer and copier technique. There is a free access to the main automated medical database – MEDLINE, SPRINGERLINK, PROQUEST, LWW Fulltext Journals and may others.
The CML is a documentation Center of the World Health Organization for Bulgaria.