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International Training Opportunities

Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe’s training centre has been delivering high quality training on an international level for more than 10 years. The target group for our programmes is research managers or administrators in a university, research centre or private industry research department in Europe. They take part in targeted and effective training on a wide range of subjects relevant to their work. And they also have the opportunity to take up and discuss their own individual issues.

Our quality management system ensures that we are able to meet the high standards you require. We have been on the market for about 50 years and carry out more than 950 training courses with over 12 500 participants per year. This means that we have a proven capability to match your international training needs.
The program of the courses includes the following topics:

Leadership – Managing and Motivating teams; The Fudamentals of International Project Management; Coordination of Complex Projects; Management of Project Risks; Advanced International Project Management; Writing in English – A workshop for Scientists and Engineers; Effective Negotiations; How to write a FP7 proposals  successfully; Financial management in FP7 Projects; Management of Intellectual Property Rights and Contract management; Microsoft EXCEL – A Tremendous Tool for Project Management; Cross-cultural Communication.

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Visit of Erasmus Teaching Staff from University of Hiroshima, Japan

The Medical University of Sofia has won a project for the exchange of Erasmus teachers and students with the University of Hiroshima, Japan for the academic year 2016/17. In connection with the implementation of the project activities, three teachers arrived from 15 May to 19 May 2017 and an expert from the International Department, the organizer of Erasmus Mobility on their behalf. Prof. Tajiro Sueda presented lectures on Surgical therapy for atrial fibrillation at the "Maxima" Aula of university hospital "Saint Ekaterina".

The following lectures were presented at the Anatomy Auditorium at the Medical Faculty:
Prof. Takemasha Sakaguchi - on the subject: Microbiology, Virology. Perspectives of replication and pathogenicity of mammalian viruses such as influenza viruses, hepatitis viruses and herpes viruses. Current status of vaccines and drugs against viruses.
Prof. Norio Sakai - on the topic: regulation of serotonin transporter (SERT) function via its membrane trafficking.
The lectures were attended by more than 350 students and lecturers from the Medical Faculty of the Medical University - Sofia. Within Erasmus period, they visited the university hospitals: “St. Catherine” and "St. Ivan Rilski", the cell signaling transduction laboratory at the Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Faculty of Medicine.  At Faculty of Dental Medicine they met with the Vice Rector for International Integration and Project Financing -                                             Prof. Dr. Radomir Ugrinov, MD, DSc. With the head of the Department of International Integration and Project Financing - Prof. Dr. Radoslav Girchev, MD, DSc, including the experts from Erasmus Office, discussed the Internal Rules for Administration of Erasmus Mobility between the two Universities, the procedures for selecting students for exchanges. Meetings with university lecturers and students were organized, as well as they participated in training on the "Sophisticated Medical Teacher in a Multicultural Environment" according the project’s program.